Keep the right
temperature on
the right side of
your windows.

Reduce energy loss from
heating and cooling by up
to 40% simply by insulating
your windows.


PENJEREX is a clear window film which ensures insulation improvement on any kind of window.

As PENJEREX keeps the heat inside during winter and outside during summer, you can enjoy great savings on your heating and air-conditioning bills. You can feel the difference immediately!

Did you know that between 26% and 48% of heat loss in a building is caused by the windows? Double-glazing is an obvious but costly solution. PENJEREX offers a perfect and cheap alternative!

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How does PENJEREX work?

PENJEREX is applied on the full surface of the inside of the window. The
special metallic layer in the film ensures that the temperature is consistent
at all times.

Thanks to its unique composition the film allows daylight to pass through.
At the same time it also blocks 99% of all harmful UV rays, in this way protecting
your favourite furniture from discolouration!

10 reasons to choose PENJEREX

  1. 1. Reduces energy loss through glass up to 40%.
  2. 2. Keeps out 99% of harmful UV-rays.
  3. 3. Retains 94% of radiative heat inside during winter time.
  4. 4. Can reduce the inside temperature by up to 5 °C in the summer.
  5. 5. Diminishes glare and reflections on your windows.
  6. 6. In case of glass breakage the film keeps the glass shards together.
  7. 7. Makes your windows less sensitive to condensation.
  8. 8. Gives you payback on your investment within three years.
  9. 9. The film ensures a natural colour.
  10. 10. You may rest assured with a warranty of 10 years.

Did you know?

   Once PENJEREX is installed it becomes
  almost totally transparent? Its neutral
 colour keeps things looking natural when
you look outside
 The film is suitable for installation in
individual houses as well as public buildings.
   PENJEREX is really user-friendly?
  The installation can be done in just
 one day by a professional window film

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